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Lawn & Snow Maintenance
Service Aggrements
Terms & Conditions

Visual Landscape Services referenced as - "VLS"

Timing & Description of work for Yard Services

Summer Grounds Maintenance services (if approved and included)


Will be subject to the following guidelines and will be performed as weather permits during the contract year April 1 to November 30.

Lawn Aeration

  • Scheduled in the spring as weather permits unless otherwise requested. Irrigation heads (if present) should be clearly marked prior to the service to prevent damage to the irrigation system. VLS will not be responsible for damaged irrigation heads that are not visibly marked.

  • VLS typically performs the lawn aeration service prior to power raking the lawn. If completed without power raking or if requested to be performed after power raking service has been completed, any core aeration plugs will be left on the lawn to break down naturally.


Additional fees may be applied if core aeration plugs are expected to be cleaned up and disposed of.

Power Raking

  • Scheduled in the spring as weather permits. The power raking service will include the de-thatching of the lawn, removal and disposal of thatch & debris material from the lawn areas only, followed by a final vac mow of the lawn.  

Spring Extra Leaf Clean Up - Add on service to Power Rake

  • Includes leaf cleanup from all other property areas that are not part of the power rake service. 

Spring Leaf Clean Up Only

  • Is a spring service that can be scheduled when power raking is not required and/or desired. It includes blowing out the garden beds and all other areas of the property. Leaf debris is cleaned up and removed from the property and disposed.

Mow & Trim Weekly Visits

  • Commences in May as weather permits and continues to the end of August. Should weather prevent the service on its regular scheduled day, the service will be rescheduled accordingly with a minimum of 4 days allotted between visits. As the lawns tend to slow in growth during the month of September, weekly mow & trim visits convert to bi-weekly and end for the season at the end of the month.

***Pet feces must be removed from services areas prior to service or a service fee will apply***

Mow & Trim Bi-Weekly Visits

  • Commences in May as weather permits and continues to the end of September. Should weather prevent the service on its regular scheduled day, the service will be rescheduled accordingly with a minimum of 7 days allotted between visits.

***Pet feces must be removed from services areas prior to service or a service fee will apply***

Mulch Cuts

  • Are associated with both the weekly and bi-weekly lawn services. Grass clipping will not be collected, instead will be mulched back into the lawn to break down naturally adding its own nutrient value to the lawn. Efforts will be made to keep the lawn surface tidy but visible patches of clippings may be apparent.

Mow & Trim (Grass catch and remove from property)

  • Grass clippings will be collected and removed from the property and disposed of.

Fertilizer Applications - Service months can vary from year to year based on weather conditions.

  • We recommend a minimum of 3 applications throughout the season (Spring, Summer, Fall).

  • Spring application is typically applied once the spring clean up has been completed April/May.

  • Summer application applied in June - August.

  • Fall application applied in September/October.

Weed Control Applications - Service months can vary from year to year based on weather conditions.

  • We recommend a minimum of 2 applications throughout the season with the first application during May/June and the 2nd Application during July/August.

Fall Leaf Clean Up

  • Is typically scheduled during the month of October. If weather permits and conditions warrant, a 2nd visit may be scheduled up to the end of November.

Hedge & Shrub Pruning

  • We recommend tending to your shrubs late spring May/June and again midsummer to clean out any dead wood to help maintain shape and size.

  • VLS will do its best to inform the owner of any potential signs of disease and/or insect infestations.

  • However, VLS will not assume responsibility for the loss of any plants and/or shrubs as a result of such circumstances whether the client is advised or not.

  • VLS does not handle chemical insecticides so this service will not be included in any maintenance agreement.

Garden Bed Maintenance

  • When service is approved, VLS will make every effort to routinely maintain the garden beds as free of weeds as possible within the parameters of the estimate agreement, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  

Irrigation Maintenance

  • When approved - irrigation startup service will include turning on the system and pressure testing for leaks and sprinkler head operation.

  • Repair labour and materials are not included in the service price. A report of concerns and/or deficiencies will be forwarded to the client for review..

Statutory Holidays

  • VLS does not operate during statutory holidays and may adjust service schedules when scheduled services fall on the holiday.

Lawn Service Fixed Price Work

Section 1. A - Lawn Service is typically completed May 15th through September, weather permitting and is completed using a variety of equipment including but not limited to commercial mowers, push mowers, backpack blowers and weed whips, specific equipment requests may result in additional fees. Mowing heights range between 2" to 3.5" and will be adjusted throughout the season based on conditions. Any special mowing height requests will result in additional charges.​

Section 1. B - VLS strives to maintain regular mowing service every 7 days, however, due to weather and unforeseen conditions, services may be completed between 6-9 days of previous mowing service. Please note: that rain delays at any time during the week may affect all mowing days.


Section 1. C - In the event that severe delays prevent the work from being completed, we will attempt to contact the Client. VLS operates during a normal work-week (Monday through Friday), but due to unforeseen situations, we may operate on Saturdays and/or Sundays.


Section 1. D - Specific service day requests cannot be guaranteed and VLS reserves the right to change service days without notice. VLS reserves the right to deny, cancel or suspend service at any time. Any changes or additional requests must be done in writing. VLS reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time, you will be notified of any price changes in advance. 

Cleanup Services 

Section 2. A - Spring Cleanup Services begin each year in April pending weather, but vary due to frost, snow, rain, and other conditions. Fall Cleanups begin in late October until weather conditions prohibit. In many cases, more than one fall cleanup may be required to achieve desired result.


Section 2. B - Not every customer can be first in the spring or Fall, and we have no way of knowing when the last fall clean up can be performed as it is weather permitting. VLS makes no guarantee that clean up services will be performed on a specific day and/or time.

Timing & Description of work for Snow Clearing 

Deciding when to start the route lists for snow clearing can sometimes be challenging during the snow clearing season. We understand that everyone would like their snow cleared as soon as the snow has finished falling or just before they have to leave to run an errand. Unfortunately this is not always possible as the route lists have to be large enough to sustain the financial demands of the business as well as the lively hood of those performing the service. In considering this we have outlined a general guideline to follow so that staff, associates, and customers can have a general understanding of when the snow is to be cleared from the contracted areas of the properties.

Overnight Snowfall

  • In the event there is a snowfall overnight and there is an accumulation of 5cm or more on the ground, routine snow clearing service will be performed within 12 hrs from 7 am.

  • If the weather forecast is calling for the snow to end before 12 noon and accumulations are less than 5cm, the crew leader may opt to wait to commence the snow clearing until the snow stops falling or 12 noon, whichever comes first.

  • If the snow accumulation is less than 5 cm and has stopped falling with no more snow in the immediate forecast, routine snow clearing service will be performed within 12 hrs from 7 am.

Morning or Afternoon Snowfall

  • In the event snow does not start falling until morning and accumulations amount to less than 5 cm before 12 noon with more snow in the immediate forecast, VLS will attend to the premises within 12 hrs from 7 am the following day. In the event the snow ends before 12 noon with no more snow in the immediate forecast, VLS will attend to the premises within 12 hrs from 12 noon. 

  • Thereafter, if snowfall continues after the site has been cleared of snow, the site will be revisited 12 hrs from 7 am the following day.

Continuous Snowfalls


  • The first day of continuous snowfall will fall under the guidelines of the above scenarios. However, VLS will attend to the site within 12 hrs from 7 am for each day that continuous snowfall is expected when accumulation amounts to more than 5 cm.

  • Only if snow accumulation is less than 5 cm the morning of the last day of a continuous snowfall, and the snowfall is expected to end before 12 pm, VLS may opt to wait until the end of the snowfall or 12 pm whichever comes first, and attend to the premises within 12 hrs.

Blizzard, Heavy Snowfall, & Extreme Weather Conditions


  • VLS is to consider the safety of its employee’s when performing snow clearing in blizzard and extreme weather conditions. It may be necessary to delay services until weather conditions permit the work to be completed in a safe manner. Though every effort will be made to clear snow promptly, delays may be experienced. *** ADDITIONAL FEES WILL BE APPLIED FOR SNOWFALLS GREATER THAN 20CM - See snow clearing fixed price work below***


    • When extreme weather occurs, including extreme wind chill, crews will be focusing on primary areas only when safe to do so (main driveway and paths to main building  entrance). Crews will return when conditions permit to clean up other areas accordingly.

Wind Causing Drifting Snow


  • As not all properties are affected the same as wind directions and speeds change, it is sometimes difficult to determine when it may be deemed necessary to clear the snow from the premises. Therefore, the Client will need to notify VLS if snow clearing is required due to such event, as we will not automatically schedule a visit. 

Ice Build Up



  • Ice Melt and Sanding will remain the responsibility of the client. VLS may at its discretion apply sand, OR Ice melt if approved by the client. and if deemed necessary by the crew at the time of snow clearing services.

  • Scraping of driveways is not an automatic criterion as the type and condition of the driveway effects efficiency and ability in performing this service. If this service is prearranged, driveways with excessive vehicle traffic may be required to incur additional fees.


Snow Relocated By Other Parties


  • VLS is not responsible under the fixed price work to clear any snow relocated to the premises from other parties, such as city grading or snow clearing.

  • Additional charges may be assessed for any snow moved to the premises from sources other than natural snowfall, for example; roof clearing or snow relocated by other parties.

Christmas Day And/Or New Year’s Day


  • In the event that snowfall is expected on Christmas Day and/or New Year’s Day, Snow Clearing will be performed the following day 12 hrs from 7 am.

Snow Clearing Fixed Price work 

Section 3. A - In reference to the snowfall visits included within estimated option(s) chosen, these snowfall visits will be included as part of the fixed price work. Should snowfall visits exceed the amount included, VLS will be paid for each additional snowfall, as “Extra Work”, in the sum outlined within the option(s) chosen, plus applicable taxes.

Section 3. B - In the event there is a single Snow fall amounting to greater than 20 cm within a 24 hr period, such event will be billed as “Extra Work” from the above at a time based rate per man hour. This event will not count towards the allotted snowfall visit count included as part of the fixed price work.

Section 3. C - Snow Removal & Snow Relocating are not included as part of the Fixed Price Work, but must be requested by the Client as “Extra Work”. VLS will advise the Client if, Snow Removal or Snow Relocation should be performed and, should no approval for “Extra Work” in that regard be provided, VLS will not be responsible for losses or damages which might have been prevented had the Snow Removal or Snow Relocation occurred.

Section 3. D - VLS will keep and maintain records to document its attendances on site and will make those records available to the Client upon reasonable request only.

Everyone should keep in mind that the length of time it takes to complete the route lists will vary depending on the severity of the snow fall, the time snow fall commences, and the weather conditions at the time in which snow clearing is being performed.

**Power equipment is not to be used between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am as per municipal bylaws**

Extra Work

Section 4. A - It is not intended that VLS shall perform any work or services not agreed upon as described in the Estimate. The Client may request that VLS perform Extra Work or services by confirming the request in writing via email. If VLS agrees to perform Extra Work, VLS will do so within a reasonable period of time having regard to the timing of the request and the volume of work VLS is otherwise committed to. VLS will be paid for the Extra Work in the amount agreed upon between VLS and the Client, invoiced upon completion. 

Liability & WCB Coverage

Section 5. A - VLS shall maintain at its own expense Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, death, and property damage. In addition VLS maintains in good standing, WCB Insurance and complies with applicable workers compensation legislation.


Invoicing & Payment

Section 6. A - The Client will pay VLS the fixed price set out in the agreed upon estimate or any "Extra Work", as well as abide by the billing terms. VLS will also invoice the Client for items of “Extra Work”, if any, upon completion unless otherwise indicated. All invoices are due and owing upon receipt of invoice. Any unpaid invoices will incur interest at a rate of 3.25% per month, 39% per annum.

Section 6. B - Should the Client default in any payment of a monthly installment of the Fixed Price Work or invoice for Extra Work, VLS may give Notice of said default to the Client and should said default remain uncorrected for a period of Five (5) days thereafter, VLS without further notice to the “Owner” may stop work under this Agreement, such that all of VLS's obligations hereunder will be suspended without limitation, the Client will have the sole responsibility to engage a reasonable and effective system to monitor and manage the condition of the premises. VLS will not be responsible for any damages or claims whatsoever relating to or caused in whole or in part by failure to perform services to the premises.

Section 6. C - In the result of an NSF or any payment being returned for any reason, a $30.00 handling fee will be applied. 

Cancellation of Service

Section 7. A - A minimum of One (1) full calendar month’s notice is required to cancel the Fixed Price Work service. Such notice must be provided in writing via email. The difference between the total per trip rate and the amount paid will be calculated and due upon termination of service. There will be no refunds if the per trip rate is less than the accumulated monthly rate for snow clearing service options, in addition a $50.00 cancellation fee will apply.

All work will be performed in a timely and professional manner. VLS is not responsible for lost/damaged personal items or runaway pets. Customer is responsible for removing items from service areas and picking up pet feces prior to lawn crew arrival.

Please keep all people and pets inside during service.

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